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The Three Basics of Socal Media

4 Apr


I think there are many considerations as to what exactly goes into a company’s social strategy, however I find that a good solid start can begin with three things: audience, material and the why?

The audience may seem like an obvious thing to plan for when development begins, however if the company does not know who they are talking to they can completely miss a new trend or conversation that audience is having. Knowing that the company’s audience is teens and young adults, it was probably a good idea to know what “the Harlem Shake” was or who Justin Bieber is. First if your audience is constantly talking about these things, it may be important to somehow link it to one of your posts. On the other hand, if your target audience is senior citizens, more than likely they were unaware of what this new Harlem Shake fad was and ask if you said “Justin Beaver.”

This example can also go for the content. You want to make sure what this company is posting about is something relevant to not only the company, but also the audience. It would be a waste of a post that should only be updated a few times a day to ask what is everyone is doing, or if they like chocolate? None of these things will  truly get a followers’ attention, give any valuable information to them or make an opinion. They should use their limited posts enriched with useful information and a visual or link!

Lastly, probably most important would be the why? Any company can push out information online to their followers, but why the posts that are relevant will truly get that  brand loyalty with the customer and keep them coming back!