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Wal-Mart’s Social Guidelines

29 Apr


Wal-Mart’s social media policy could be easily searched via Google; however they seem to call it their guidelines, and provide many different category of guidelines underneath. They first are telling their customers about their Twitter and Facebook engagement and what they should expect out of them online and what Wal-Mart expects from their followers. It then follows with what guidelines are expected from the Wal-Mart associates and what they need to follow. Finally it concludes with a few guidelines for participants of some of their promotional sponsored associates and a Mom Program. The guidelines are under their homepage and also give viewers the option to share and tweet it out, so it shows how open they are about their guidelines and want their employees and the followers to know exactly what is expected.
With their guidelines, I really like that not only do they tell their employees what is expected of them on social media, like:

  1. Know the rules
  2. Remember that we have a dedicated FB team tasked with responding to customer inquiries or criticisms
  3. And consider using company established channels for job-specific issues.
  4. And for managers: be familiar with the Social Media Management Guidelines (which can only be accessed via login/password).

But Wal-Mart also tells their customers what it is they should expect to see on Twitter and what to expect on and what they expect of their customers on Facebook! On Twitter they give a list of all official Wal-Mart Twitters, so people are not asking questions to faux accounts. They also tell the customers on Twitter that they will try and respond to as many relevant questions as possible. On Facebook their guidelines seem a little bolder, (they are literally bolded). They ask that their followers to be polite, don’t break the law, stay relevant and “keep it real.” I find these Facebook guidelines to be a little strange to put in an official document, and that they are telling their what is expected from them.
If I was Wal-Mart I would make less of an emphasis of these Facebook guidelines by first un-bolding them. I do not see why those ones are much more important than the guidelines for the employees of Wal-Mart. I think it is too much for a large corporation like Wal-Mart to make rules for their followers. They should make more of an emphasis on what is expected of their employees. These are the people who are representing the company, and should be accounted for what they are doing online.
Wal-Mart’s social media policy has a good start, but could definitely use some editing. The main point should be the associate’s guidelines, and make that first and bolded, while making the Twitter and Facebook expectations on the bottom and less of a focus. On the other hand, I think what is expected from the employees is pretty well laid out. They expected their employees to know the rules of the information policy, on what is confidential information and should not be posted on social media. They want their employees to know that social media platforms are not the place to talk about their job. If there seems to be a problem, they should speak with their manager, not the corporate Twitter account. And lastly, they do not want their employees answering questions on Facebook/Twitter. That is the duty of the social media manager, and will be taken care of through them. Overall I think it is very much important to put a policy in place. While telling employees verbally what is expect from them could be quicker, guidelines/rules are much more definite and expected when written down, universally for all of the employees. This way, no one can argue any which way because it can easy be sent to all employees. This is a must for any company that wants to keep all employees on the same level and keep communication strong.


The King of Milwaukee Burgers, Bacon and Social Media

26 Apr

burgerEvery city has their burger places, and for a locally owned burger place, sometimes it may be difficult to develop a strong presence on social media, however our candidate here prides itself on the three B’s, burgers, beer and bacon. AJ Bombers located in Milwaukee finally got to wear the title of best cheeseburger in Milwaukee when Travel Channel’s Food Wars crowned them the winner, when they defeated town rival Sobelman’s. Since then, not only have they been sending out burgers and beer like crazy, they have been sending out posts and raking up followers. For AJ Bombers they have a very simple tactics that for some reason just works for them, it’s just being relevant, humorous and engaging.

For AJ Bombers they have over 15,000 likes on Facebook (beating Sobelman’s again with their only 14,000 likes) which seems to continue to grow with their tactics on Facebook and the awesome food they keep preparing.  It appears they update their Facebook about once per day during the weekdays, however when Thursday night comes along, they increase their push out rate to about two to three per day. This is a great plan for them because people seem to become more active on social media later in the week, and they want their followers to notice them more on the weekend when people are off of work and ready to go out to dinner or grab a drink.funny

As I said before, AJ Bombers is doing so well on social media because of their being relevant to what is going on in Milwaukee. They have posted about the Buck’s game and receive a few comments, and about 80 likes. Their posts may not always be specifically about their brand name, but they are getting their followers to notice their name and maybe think about coming in to watch the Buck’s game. Additionally they are funny. Many of their posts are a little strange, but it seems to work for the brand. A recent Facebook post was about “Fifty Plates of Bacon.” Although this post doesn’t say anything about the brand name, bacon is their prized possession, so it works for them to make their followers think of AJ’s. This post alone received almost 100 likes and about 60 share. When their followers share this post, their name is still attached to it. This is giving them a much larger range of people to reach. So AJ Bombers should be applauded for their humorous posts because they are reaching a larger audience. other commentLastly AJ Bombers engages with their followers. This is important to do because it makes a follower feel like AJ Bombers recognizes them and is willing to help or respond to something they had a comment about.  Although on Facebook they do not have many complaints or even questions, AJ Bombers still goes out of their way to tell their followers thank you, which can go a long way.


Although AJ Bombers does not have a campaign running or have much of a point when posting on Facebook, they are good at getting their followers attention and I think that is important. Whether it is posting something funny, or showing a picture of their Friday fish fry during lent, AJ Bombers takes the simple wants of followers and gives them exactly what they want.

The Three Basics of Socal Media

4 Apr


I think there are many considerations as to what exactly goes into a company’s social strategy, however I find that a good solid start can begin with three things: audience, material and the why?

The audience may seem like an obvious thing to plan for when development begins, however if the company does not know who they are talking to they can completely miss a new trend or conversation that audience is having. Knowing that the company’s audience is teens and young adults, it was probably a good idea to know what “the Harlem Shake” was or who Justin Bieber is. First if your audience is constantly talking about these things, it may be important to somehow link it to one of your posts. On the other hand, if your target audience is senior citizens, more than likely they were unaware of what this new Harlem Shake fad was and ask if you said “Justin Beaver.”

This example can also go for the content. You want to make sure what this company is posting about is something relevant to not only the company, but also the audience. It would be a waste of a post that should only be updated a few times a day to ask what is everyone is doing, or if they like chocolate? None of these things will  truly get a followers’ attention, give any valuable information to them or make an opinion. They should use their limited posts enriched with useful information and a visual or link!

Lastly, probably most important would be the why? Any company can push out information online to their followers, but why the posts that are relevant will truly get that  brand loyalty with the customer and keep them coming back!