The King of Milwaukee Burgers, Bacon and Social Media

26 Apr

burgerEvery city has their burger places, and for a locally owned burger place, sometimes it may be difficult to develop a strong presence on social media, however our candidate here prides itself on the three B’s, burgers, beer and bacon. AJ Bombers located in Milwaukee finally got to wear the title of best cheeseburger in Milwaukee when Travel Channel’s Food Wars crowned them the winner, when they defeated town rival Sobelman’s. Since then, not only have they been sending out burgers and beer like crazy, they have been sending out posts and raking up followers. For AJ Bombers they have a very simple tactics that for some reason just works for them, it’s just being relevant, humorous and engaging.

For AJ Bombers they have over 15,000 likes on Facebook (beating Sobelman’s again with their only 14,000 likes) which seems to continue to grow with their tactics on Facebook and the awesome food they keep preparing.  It appears they update their Facebook about once per day during the weekdays, however when Thursday night comes along, they increase their push out rate to about two to three per day. This is a great plan for them because people seem to become more active on social media later in the week, and they want their followers to notice them more on the weekend when people are off of work and ready to go out to dinner or grab a drink.funny

As I said before, AJ Bombers is doing so well on social media because of their being relevant to what is going on in Milwaukee. They have posted about the Buck’s game and receive a few comments, and about 80 likes. Their posts may not always be specifically about their brand name, but they are getting their followers to notice their name and maybe think about coming in to watch the Buck’s game. Additionally they are funny. Many of their posts are a little strange, but it seems to work for the brand. A recent Facebook post was about “Fifty Plates of Bacon.” Although this post doesn’t say anything about the brand name, bacon is their prized possession, so it works for them to make their followers think of AJ’s. This post alone received almost 100 likes and about 60 share. When their followers share this post, their name is still attached to it. This is giving them a much larger range of people to reach. So AJ Bombers should be applauded for their humorous posts because they are reaching a larger audience. other commentLastly AJ Bombers engages with their followers. This is important to do because it makes a follower feel like AJ Bombers recognizes them and is willing to help or respond to something they had a comment about.  Although on Facebook they do not have many complaints or even questions, AJ Bombers still goes out of their way to tell their followers thank you, which can go a long way.


Although AJ Bombers does not have a campaign running or have much of a point when posting on Facebook, they are good at getting their followers attention and I think that is important. Whether it is posting something funny, or showing a picture of their Friday fish fry during lent, AJ Bombers takes the simple wants of followers and gives them exactly what they want.


5 Responses to “The King of Milwaukee Burgers, Bacon and Social Media”

  1. _sarahkoller April 28, 2013 at 5:59 pm #

    Leah, Thanks for featuring a post about AJ Bombers. While I have been a loyal Soblemans consumer, I have taken notice of this burger joint’s use of social media over the years. What I am particularly impressed with is their stronger use of a brand voice. I think this tone makes them fun to follow along with as well as making them highly identifiable online.

    Thanks for a great post!

    • leahsteinbruecker April 29, 2013 at 8:14 pm #

      I know! I love Sobs too! But AJ Bombers social media is converting me a little

  2. jonathancleveland April 28, 2013 at 6:00 pm #

    Good choice to write about a local company! AJ Bomber’s is a great example of a brand that’s successful on social media. I like that their strategy is very much in line with their identity – if you walk into AJ Bomber’s, you get that fun, light-hearted, entertaining atmosphere that they convey on social media. Not to mention, they’ve successfully created a pretty awesome rivalry with Sobelman’s, who also tries to convey the same sort of presence on social media. Also, good point on staying relevant to Milwaukee – really helps provide that local feel.

    • leahsteinbruecker April 29, 2013 at 8:15 pm #

      I agree, AJ Bombers social media reflects the atmosphere of the restaurant!

  3. colleenkehoe May 2, 2013 at 6:44 am #

    Leah, I completely agree with your take on AJ Bombers social media efforts. I find that their content is witty and funny, and even though it is not always relevant to their product, it always correlates with the brand image that they have created. I think the “50 plates of bacon” joke is hilarious and it reminds me of a lot of the content that Sobelman’s puts out. Seems like the competing burger places are also competing for the same brand image!

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